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Warning! This page is not being kept up to date any more. There are too many projects, libs, tools, etc. being worked on on a daily basis. Please check my recent Github activity for useful projects, libs., tools. It's all XRPL related anyway ;)
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Name State Link
Tutorial: Coding & the XRP Ledger: a beginners course Blog on coil.com
Tutorial: Using the XUMM SDK for the XRPL in NodeJS Blog on dev.to
My recent Github projects Check my Github repository
My recent blogs at Dev.to dev.to/wietse
XRPL Labs recent Github projects XRPL Labs repository
XRPL wallet with superpowers, platform for decs, etc.
LIVE xumm.app
Full Transaction (CSV) exporter (site/CLI/module) TOOLS Production Source Hosted
XRPL Transaction Fetcher lib. INFRA Production Source NPM
Secret Numbers (XRPL account secret format) » Proposal INFRA Production Source NPM
XRPL DEX Orderbook reader INFRA Production Source NPM
Accounts and destination tag encoding into X-addresses INFRA Production Source NPM
Accounts and destination tag encoding into X-addresses INFRA Production Source NPM
Tool to convert Secret Numbers to Family Seed INFRA Production Source
Full history XRPL node community cluster wss://xrpl.ws INFRA Production
Paper account generator https://xrpaddress.org INFRA Production Source
XRPL destination string decoder INFRA Production Source
Proof of Concept: ILP Monetized music player POC Production Source Demo
Rippled Websocket proxy (load balancing / redundancy) INFRA Production Source
Account secret based on numbers instead of a family seed / mnemonic INFRA Production Source NPM
XRP Community Fund
(Small) fund to support XRPL development by community developers, etc.
Getting there Website
iOS and Android App for easy XRP Retail / in-store payments
XRPL AccountLib: sign with family seed/mnemonic/passphrase TOOLS INFRA Production Source
XRPL MultiSign Tool: setup, signing & combining TOOLS INFRA Production Source / Video
XRP Ledger to Google BigQuery DATA Development Source
Sample Query
XRParrot XRP
Easy EUR (SEPA) to XRP transfer (Decentralized exchange)
Development XRParrot.com
Backend Frontend
XRP TipBot App for iOS and Android (with @ThisIsTriss and @baltazar223) SOCIAL Live xrptipbot.com/app
Validator (on the Ripple UNL) INFRA Production XRPCharts
Full history public node INFRA Production wss://rippled.xrptipbot.com
Ledger.exposed TOOLS XRP
Live stats and insights in the XRP distribution, ownership, escrows and the flow of funds
Production ledger.exposed
XRPL Debugging Tool TOOLS XRP
Connect to the XRPL, send transactions (JSON), execute commands, etc.
Production xrp.fans
XRPL Ledger Stats Fetch & Calc. TOOLS DATA
Fetch the contents for an entire ledger and calculate stats into JSON (like Ledger.exposed)
Production Source
Social tipping for Reddit, Discord and Twitter
Production xrptipbot.com
All kinds of XRPL code samples for node(.js)
XRP Text: send XRP using SMS Text messages XRP Production sms.xrptext.com
rippled-ws-client Simple promise-based WebSocket client for rippled INFRA
Node(.js) / Browser package
Production Source / Samples / NPM
rippled-ws-client-sign INFRA
Sign (transactions & MultiSign) extension for rippled-ws-client
Production Source / Samples / NPM
rippled-ws-client-pool INFRA
Extension for rippled-ws-client to connect to multiple rippled for redundancy & load balancing
Production Source / NPM
rippled-ws-client-dashboard INFRA
Debugging dashboard for rippled-ws-client-pool, TX and query explorer & TX Sign/Submit tool
Production Source
Public ILP Payment Pointer for Twitter, Discord & Reddit users SOCIAL XRP Production Info
Regular Key tool (Air gapped) Toastify Mnemonic-based XRPL accounts TOOLS Source / Video
XRPL Account vanity generator TOOLS Source
XRPL Account: mnemonic recovery (one word lost/wrong) INFRA Source
Extract ledger contents (balances & escrows) to MongoDB INFRA DATA Source
Get all accounts and balances for a specific ledger INFRA DATA Source
XRPayments.co: Simple QR XRP payment requests TOOLS XRP
With 2-way currency converter
Production xrpayments.co / Source
KyteApp (Browser based simple XRP wallet) XRP
Proof of concept
Deprecated kyteapp.co / Source
Gist (gist.github.com) CODE SAMPLES
All kinds of (mostly) XRPL code samples for node(.js) / the web
Browserify XRPL JS libs. CODE SAMPLES
rippled node Docker Container INFRA Production Docker Hub /
rippled validator Docker Container INFRA
Blog: XPRCommunity.blog / Medium
Verify validator: XPRCommunity.blog / Medium / Docker Hub /
Update validator: XPRCommunity.blog / Medium
Production Docker Hub /
GPIO Power Switch (Raspberry Pi) in ILP Stream IOT / IOV
Blog: XPRCommunity.blog / Medium
TP-Link ILP enabled PowerSwitch < 30$ IOT / IOV Video / Source
Howto: code Vue Webpack + XRPL WebApps CODE SAMPLES XPRCommunity.blog / ITNEXT.io
Bridging.text Meetup: Building software on the XRP ledger PRESENTATION Video
Telegraaf Crypto Update (Dutch) PRESENTATION Video
XRP Community Blog SOCIAL
Amazing contributions by the XRP Community!
Production xrpcommunity.blog
Public / Private key in layman's terms (Blog) Blog @ XRPCommunity.blog
FudBingo.com SOCIAL Production fudbingo.com
XRP TipBot API SOCIAL Beta Beta invite